State Board Exam
Preparation Materials
State Board Exam Preparation Materials

Video guides Cosmetology, Esthetician and Manicure videos are intended for graduates or current students of California Beauty schools who are preparing to take their licensing exam(s). The California State Board videos are designed to help students prepare for the state board exams by reviewing practical exam content.

Please note that the Cosmetology, Esthetician and Manicure State Board exam videos are not designed to replace the quality instruction received at California Beauty Schools. The Advanced Training Videos on this site are for professional-use only. If you are unsure of correct product usage or technique(s), please consult a licensed beauty professional for assistance before performing the procedure. Mirela & Associates is not responsible for product misuse or any personal or professional damages that may be incurred while using our beauty products or following our video instruction. All information provided to this site is kept in strict confidence, Click here to view our complete online privacy policy. Use of this site constitutes agreement with our online terms of use agreement.

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